Where can I order?

Op www.rongastrobarathome.nl. Bekijk hier het menu of ga naar direct bestellen.

How far in advance should I place my order?

Orders placed before 8 pm can be picked up the next day or delivered to your home.

We are too late to order, can we still place an order for today?

This is often possible if you want to pick up an order. Contact the Ron Gastrobar where you want to pick up the order and we will see together what is possible. Contact details can be found on the contact page. For home delivery of the Ron Gastrobar At Home boxes, this is possible via Deliveroo.

Where can I change my order to a different date or time?

To change your order you can contact Thuisuiteten. The contact details of Thuisuiteten can be found on the contact page.

I have just placed an order but I have not received a confirmation?

First check whether the amount has been debited from your bank account. Has the amount been debited? Then check whether the confirmation email has ended up in your spam box. If this is not the case, please contact Thuisuiteten by telephone. The contact details can be found on the contact page.

Delivery & Pickup

At what time can I collect my box at one of the Ron Gastrobars?

It is possible to pick up the order between 3:00 PM and 8:00 PM from Wednesday to Sunday.

Can I indicate a preferred time for the delivery of my order?

Unfortunately this is not possible. On the morning of the delivery you will receive a track & trace code with which you can follow the delivery live. If you want to be assured that the order will be delivered on time, we recommend that you have it delivered a day earlier.

Why doesn't Deliveroo deliver to me while I do live in Amsterdam.

Deliveroo’s delivery area depends on the number of riders available and the number of orders placed. As a result, Deliveroo may not deliver to the part of Amsterdam where you live.

Content & Preparation

Is the preparation difficult?

The preparation is very simple and can be read on our website https://rongastrobarathome.nl/en/preperation/.

Wat moet je zelf in huis hebben om de gerechten te bereiden?

To prepare Ron Gastrobar At Home it is necessary that you have an oven or microwave to heat up the dishes. For the preparation method, see https://rongastrobarathome.nl/en/preperation/.

Welke ingrediƫnten zitten er in de boxen?

The complete overview of the dishes and the accompanying allergen information is available on our website: https://rongastrobarathome.nl/en/menu/.

Can I make adjustments to the dishes in one of the boxes?

We cannot make changes to the menus as they are online.


How can I pay with the Ron Gastrobar gift card?

It is currently not possible to use the gift cards to order our At Home boxes. These can be used in the restaurants as soon as they reopen.

Waar kan ik terecht met feedback over Ron Gastrobar At Home?

We are always happy to receive feedback! You can address this to feedback@rongastrobar.nl

Do you have another question? Fill in the contact form on the contact page .

If you have an urgent question, please contact us by phone.